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Bringing Joy To The Guest Experience Through Easy & Effortless Service

By Katie McDonald

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Enhancing the Guest Experience will be Brad Burleson's New Focus at ExecuStay Midwest!

Brad Burleson, a customer service superstar, has recently been promoted to the newly created role of Director of Customer Experience at ExecuStay Midwest

Brad-BurlesonPreviously, Burleson served as the General Manager for the Central Region where he managed the operations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and St. Louis. In this newly created role, Burleson will be a mentor to the guest services team, and together they will enhance the customer experience.

Burleson is no novice to “wowing” customers. He got his start in the late ’90s with an airline that is famous for creating a memorable customer experience. “I just love bringing joy to people. Putting a smile on someone’s face is the ultimate reward for me and I’m excited to be in a role where my job is to make people happy.”

Burleson’s New Role as Director of Customer Experience

ExecuStay Midwest was previously a franchisee of Oakwood Corporate Housing. In that relationship, Oakwood provided centralized guest services, guest survey tracking, and service track—a program used for tracking service and maintenance issues for guests. When Oakwood dissolved their corporate housing division, ExecuStay Midwest needed to pull these functions back in-house.

“Brad will improve the systems for surveying our guests and tracking our service issues. But more importantly, he will help make sure our guests have an amazing stay with us,” says Piper Ayala, Vice President of ExecuStay Midwest.

How The Changes Came To Be

The chain of events that led to this newly created position began when a position opened up in the marketing department for Transitions Group, ExecuStay Midwest’s parent company. Taylor Jacks, a long-time inside sales representative in the Little Rock office, who also happens to be an exceptional videographer, was hired to fill the marketing role.

“When Taylor was picked for the position in the marketing department, Brad and I took the opportunity to step back and look at where we were as a company. We wanted to determine the best way to move forward. Since Brad has always excelled in customer services, and since we are now taking on more of the guest service functions in-house, it made sense to redistribute our regional offices and  have Brad oversee the customer experience for ExecuStay Midwest.” - Piper Ayala

What Happens With The Central Region?

As Burleson moves into his role as Director of Customer Experience, the Central Region will be dissolved, and those territories will be absorbed into the other regions.

Going forward, Arkansas and Oklahoma will become part of the Southern Region led by Lynda Najera, and St. Louis will become part of the North Region led by Amy Schroeder.

A Company Culture That Is Like Family

Burleson says,  “The company culture at ExecuStay Midwest is really something special. We love this company, and we love what we do. Everyone here is family—our team members, our vendors, and our guests. I can’t wait to start leading our team in the guest experience capacity. We are going to continue to love our guests, and work to make their stay easier, more enjoyable, and effortless.” 

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