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Corporate Housing Can Save your Holiday Plans. Here’s How!

By Lindsay Childers

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There is no doubt that this holiday season is unlike any other weve seen before. With experts telling us to avoid large gatherings, families must make the choice between coming together to celebrate the holidays and protecting their family members from each other. 

Lucky for you, there is an unexpected third option that can help save your holiday plans. Corporate housing! While corporate housing is often thought of in the context of business travel, we work with all kinds of travelers to help them stay in great apartment homes close to loved ones or desired locations. 

If you’re debating whether to travel for the holidays or whether to ask family members not to come this year, here are some ways corporate housing might save your holiday plans. 


Social Distance

Social distancing (and added bonus of not having to give up your bed for company!) 

One concern many have right now is how to celebrate the holidays while still following the social distancing guidelines set out by health experts. One way to assist these social distancing efforts is taking advantage of a corporate apartment! 

A corporate apartment near your home can be the perfect place for out-of-town visitors to stay. Not only does this keep your kids from beating each other up when they’re forced to share a room, but it helps keep the groups more separated throughout their stay. Nobody wants to hurt their family’s feelings by denying them visits, but corporate housing can be a great solution. 

The whole family can still safely gather for outdoor meals or parties, and at the end of the night – your family can get comfortable and take off their mask in their own apartment! They will enjoy all the comforts of home, including their own full-size kitchen with full size appliances (plenty of room for baking and side making) and washer/dryer (to clean up those potential cooking messes). Plus, it’ll be a lot quieter without grandma snoring away in the guest bedroom right next to yours. 



Quarantine for the entire holiday! 

There’s the old saying that fish and houseguests start to stink after three days, well corporate apartments will keep them fresh for weeks. Go ahead – spend the entire holiday season together! Soak up all the family time you can while still having your own space to go back to and unwind after all that family fun! 

Guests can come and go as they please, so you can visit with your family, even go out for a weekend outing, all while leaving your belongings behind safe and sound in your corporate apartment. 

The best part is, no hidden fees! Corporate housing provides you with upfront and all-inclusive pricing so there is no need to worry about charges popping up unexpectedly. 

Worried about getting out to the store? Corporate housing providers often offer grocery packages, so you have all the food you need to put your included kitchenware to use. Your grocery package plus taking advantage of grocery delivery services and your fully loaded kitchen means you never need to get out unless you want to! 



Take a break – a long break! 

Are you a snowbird looking for somewhere warm to land for the winter, or searching for a white Christmas? Corporate housing may be the perfect choice for your stay! Enjoy a month-long holiday and still feel at home in your own corporate apartment, even if you must work while staying there 

With private Wi-Fi and room for the whole family, everyone can stay in one place during your trip. Skip the cramped hotel rooms, spotty Wi-Fi and pricey dinners out – get comfortable, decorate and celebrate the holidays however you wish in your very own apartment. 


Where will your call home for the holidays? 

If your holiday travels will take you away for a week or more, corporate housing is the perfect set up for you. At ExecuStay Midwest, we help provide a catered experience for your extended travels that will help make your holidays a memorable one no matter where you’re going. 

If your plans take you to the Midwest, we are perfectly suited to find the perfect serviced apartment in the perfect location for you, whether that’s close to loved ones or close to attractions. That leaves just one question that needs answered. 

Where are you off to? 


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